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I guess I just like liking things

So since I’m a person with full time employment and part time study now, I don’t have time to do the Dire DVDs anymore. I’m sorry. You must have noticed how short they were getting. Next week’s would have been “This movie is pretty terrible” and that’s it. What I do have time for is games! There’s always time for games. So while Dire DVDs is on hiatus, I will be doing Let’s Play videos. Mostly I will be playing games I have not played before, because it’s funnier that way, but this week I’m breaking that rule right out of the gate with a social MMO I’ve been playing for a month or so. Here’s a video, for your eyes.



Price: Free to download / Free to play (they say it always will be, so presumably the “Advertise Here” boards will generate some income for them, or they may go to microtransactions, I don’t know)
Client: PC and Mac
Get it from:

As noted in the video (which you not only watched, but watched twice), the game is currently in Open Beta, so there’s a fair amount of glitches and limitations. For one thing, there’s no skin tone so everyone gets to be an odd shade of yellow. The city is currently small, but new areas are coming.  The community is overwhelmingly friendly and positive, which is a nice change. Of course there’s jerks, but there is a handy ignore function.

As an MMO, it’s entirely leaning on the social side. It’s a chatroom with minigames and levels, basically, which is no bad thing and makes a nice change from “Kill 8673 Kobolds”. It’s entirely possible to enjoy the game casually or hard core, or somewhere in between. I’d recommend dipping your toe in if you’re after something different, or would just like to look like a round blowfish for a bit.

Do you play anything fun (and free)? Suggestions are most welcome!

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