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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free, item shop available
Client: PC Only
Get it from:

The latest news on the homepage is from 2012, and the latest news in the client itself is from 2013.  The forums however show recent posts, so there’s certainly a community there. As mentioned in the video, I did actually Beta this, and it’s new to me as the islandy bit wasn’t there. Instead, new players were launched into the world proper where 5,000 people would instantly demand your clothes because there was a quest to obtain newbie outfits.

The game is… fine. It’s not my thing, I’m not a Sanrio fan myself. Nor am I a fan of eye burning amounts of pink. So much pink. Okay sure the target audience is teen girls not grumpy women in their 30s, so I guess I can cut them some slack.

Basically, if you own a Hello Kitty anything you’re going to like this, and may you play it for long happy times. If you’re a grumpy thirty something, it’s back to DC Universe for you.

Did I mention how pink it was?


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