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I guess I just like liking things

Price: Free to play, memberships and itemshop available.
Client: Browser Based
Play it at:

This week’s video is not the best quality, I’d suggest not watching it full screen. I couldn’t get the settings right, and eventually had to go to bed so this was it.

The people of Hunted Cow told me there would be no download to play this game, which was a little bit of a fib as it often is with browser games. Eldevin is their MMO offering from a list of games, and it’s pretty decent. The quest texts are a little wordy and long winded (I like my quest text all in one window, I’m a diva like that).

I didn’t get much into the story, but apparently a King got kidnapped or something and then you went to save him but got stuck in a void for 10 years, which is such a headache. Now that you’re out of the void, you’re off to do a ton of things for people who could have easily done them for themselves. There are, from what I gather, two possible character paths. You can be a soldier or a magical person (I think).

I’m still always surprised when a browser game is great to look at, and this one is great to look at. They seem to have found a good balance between loading times and eye candy. The website claims that while there are paid options available, these are for people who just want to support the studio and you can play the whole thing for no money. I have not played the whole thing, so cannot confirm.


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