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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Basically free, paid perks available.
Client: Browser (which I didn’t test) and a downloadable client for PC and Mac
Play it at:

This is a game I would not play otherwise, frankly. I don’t care for PvP, I know very little about the Transformers thingy. It should surprise no one to find I am not very good at this game. At all. Still, I think it’s more amusing that way.

The game is currently in Open Beta, which may or may not account for the everlasting load times. Seriously long loads, even just getting in to the game in the first place. I can understand a long load for a battle queue because it has to find players etc etc, but sheesh, just popping in to admire your shiny robot crew shouldn’t take all afternoon.

That said, once you do get to play it’s fun. The driving around bit is the most fun, the getting shot to death by a gang of enemies is … pretty much how my game seems to be panning out.

Thanks to Lizzie for getting my face axed off. If you’d like to be responsible for my video game death next week, drop me a suggestion.


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