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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free to play, Microtransactions (I think)
Client: Browser
Play it at:

I don’t know what kind of fever dream came up with this concept. It’s a Wild West MMO, but instead of horses you ride dinosaurs and instead of a six shooter you have a laser cannon. Somehow, it works. I know, it sounds ridiculous. It sort of is ridiculous, and maybe that’s why it works.

The player base seems to be active, there were plenty of people around as I noobed my dino around town. It’s graphically great, the map seems quite large and I had no lag apart from some stuck movement keys, but that might well have been my keyboard. Who knows? Not me. I’m not here to know stuff, I’m here to shoot stuff while riding a dinosaur.

As a casual MMO, I’d say this would be a fun bet. It’s a tiny bit facebooky in places, and very clicky, but sometimes we just need to roll on into town, to hit the saloon, water our dinosaurs, and polish our laser canons.


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