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I guess I just like liking things

Price: Basic game is free, premium membership is €4.99 a month.
Client: PC, Mac
Get it from: or via Steam

Velvet Sundown is a perfect example of optimism gone horribly wrong, although to be fair it’s possible the majority of players are not as inclined to… let’s say “derail” and leave it there. It’s been glommed on to by what are presumably 14 year olds. Given a short spell in a closed world, and possibly dealt a female character, it went downhill fast.

The “Velvet Sundown” of the title is actually a yacht, popping about in a tropical paradise. In a scenario lasting 30 minutes to one hour (depending on which one you play), you’re tasked with uncovering information about your fellow passengers. There’s no character choice, you’re handed a character and backstory. During the game session, you can share your information, keep it to yourself or try to uncover information about others.

I played the free scenario, which changes weekly apparently. There were stories about drug smuggling, terrible fathers and whales but we didn’t get any closer to finding out about any of these. I would say in a good group you’d be better off, but I don’t think there’s a way to actually choose your group so I would suggest if you’re really interested in the concept you splash out on a month premium – like most things I suspect a pay wall will keep the more, how shall I put this,  distracted players out.  It’s worth a wander anyway, the download is small and the graphics are lovely.


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