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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free, paid perks available.
Client: Browser
Play it at:

Free MMOs are often called out for being “bare minimum” MMOs without any kind of depth, story or engagement. I’d usually argue this point as I’ve played some pretty fun games over recent months. In this case – woof. Nope. From animation to quests, this game is a lazy effort all round.

Graphically, it’s pretty good. Browser games have to tread a fine line between “Looks great” and “Lags your face off” and they’ve done well with the world really. Reading reviews of the actual game play though one thing jumps out, they’re taking the “Dungeon” in their name pretty seriously and that is basically what you will do. Dungeons. Not grouping, or raiding or anything like that, just popping into dungeons, killing some stuff and popping out again. As a way to minimise the amount of world to render, it’s a neat trick, but I can see how it gets dull.  I only did a couple of dungeons, but basically you turn up in a darkish room, the things you need to kill come running at you. You kill them without really having to move much and you’re done. Exploration is, apparently, for jerks.

One good point (since I’m not really here to snark on stuff) – no registration is required. You can, if you choose, register your toon and create an account. Or you can jump in without this and have a go. I do like this, you can try the game out and see if you like it before handing over your email address.  They’re not getting my email address, thank you very much.


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