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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free, item shop very much available.
Client: PC, Mac, iDevices
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“What if Minecraft was really kind of cute?” is the question that is answered here. Bearing in mind I have basically not played Minecraft (I’ve spent a couple of hours in it really), it was mostly what I was thinking of while playing. The tutorial level is vaguely helpful, explaining how to grab resources and craft items, but then it gives you a hat you don’t get to keep and that’s sad.

It’s fun, but as you can see accidental realm entering is a thing – it feels very crowded with the realms right by each other, so it’s too easy to leap into the wrong one or leap into anything you weren’t expecting to leap into. Which is why I visited so many realms. It’s graphically good, though inconsistent. Not being able to swing the camera up and down as well as side to side was frustrating – I like my games to let me have a good old look at stuff.

Still, nice little time killer and with the help of friends and some dedication it would be possible to build a bunch of interesting stuff if you felt like doing that.


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