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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free, item shop available.
Client: Browser
Play it at:

I found this game on a random list of games because the first game I lined up for this week demanded I either use my facebook account to sign in with (nope) or provide them with a passport/drivers licence/State ID number (hahaha nope). I thought that was a bit rich and I gave them a good glaring at before uninstalling the game and hitting Milmo.

Milmo is, I’m going to assume, intended for smaller people, but it’s cute. That’s really all I can say for it. It’s cute, it’s simple and… free? There’s nothing wrong with it, as such, it’s just not particularly compelling. Which would make it a nice casual game. It’s graphically quite lovely and although I blame the lag in the video, there wasn’t actually any lag – I just suck at jumping over chasms. That’s my secret shame, don’t tell anyone.

Suggestions for next week are welcome – large downloads might end up next next week, or next month. Or next year. You get the idea.


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