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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free to play, pay to win.
Client: Browser
Play it at: if you want to be sad.

Lazy graphics, lame quests and automated combat. This game is terrible. It’s really, really terrible. I can always forgive poor translation in games if the effort is there otherwise, but not in this case. It’s not like anyone was developing anything fun, so they had time to translate properly.

Man this game just stinks.

It’s an obvious cashgrab. By being really easy to “play” you can hook a substantial fanbase who will then cheerfully throw money at you for better items and things like a pass button on the long, drawn out and pointless fights.

Sometimes I say “If you like X style of game, try this one!” or “this one is a fun way to kill an hour.” In this case I can say this a game with no redeeming features at all. At. All.


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