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I guess I just like liking things


Price: ~$7
Client: PC, Mac
Free Trial at:

Something a bit less MMO for your eyes this week. Well, entirely less as this is a single player game. The premise is not particularly unique. You control a group of settlers who have been sent to an island somewhere to find a fountain of youth (I think, I can’t remember for sure). In order to maintain the lives of your little people, you need to ensure they are fed, sheltered, socialised and medically well.

In the video I mention how happy some of the settlers look when given a new job, and I found out why. While there’s plenty of jobs that need people to do them, some settlers have a special preference for a particular kind of work. Settling those people onto their preferred job will keep them happier longer and they work faster.  They also each have a type of work they hate, and assigning them to that work will make them sad more quickly. Don’t make them sad, you monster.

It’s a slow paced game, with no way to speed it up that I found. We’re all used to a handy fast forward button on these games, but this one keeps you ticking over at a slow, steady pace which takes some getting used to but is kind of nice after a while. Everything is steady and zen. Calm.

At around $7 it’s pretty good value for play time, the graphics are cute. If, like me, you enjoy the sort of building, ordering people around genre it’s worth a poke at the trial. It’s also available via Big Fish Games (Mac link is on that page) and Steam.


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