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I guess I just like liking things

I lied, this isn’t Jill of the Jungle. This is Jill Saves the Prince, but it’s part three of the Jill trilogy so it counts.  I did play the first one, but the recording didn’t record, and so I jumped into the third which I had not played before. It’s a shame the first one failed, because even after all this time I still rocked at the Jill. Rocked it. It’s at this point I will direct you to my first ever Zwolanerd Post (I think) in which I reminisce about Jill.

This was genuinely too much fun. My nostalgia was all nostalgic, I was 13 again. I was throwing knives and killing birds and basically being amazing. Amazing!

Jill of the Jungle is (as far as I am aware and I checked in several places) Abandonware. A search of the internet will turn it up for you, though be aware you’ll probably need something like Dosbox to play it unless you have a 1990s computer sitting around. And you might, I don’t know.

To continue the searing nostalgia, which old game should I play next week?


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