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I guess I just like liking things

Not at all festive. I was expecting festive as Home Alone is supposed to be a Christmas movie. Apart from a small pile of decorations, not even a tree. Not even, you guys, a tree. Lame.

Not as lame as the game itself though, which is pretty lame. The premise is the same as the movie – there’s two criminals coming to find Kevin, so you (as Kevin) run around the house and find random items to leave in random places and stop the bad guys. I had a quick read of the guide and if you can get 10 hits on a bad guy you win. I got 1. There’s some great bits, like how a pile of toy cars in front of a window doesn’t count as a trap unless you pick them up and put them down again in the exact same place. You don’t even get to see the bad guys colliding with your careful traps, just an animation of them falling down or whatever. Added to this, once they arrive you lose control of Kevin, who runs wildly around the house towards the bad guys. Kevin is not so smart.

In order to fill the rest of the video, I grabbed the second game which is based on (obviously) the second movie. This is more fun, and requires more skill. Keven is fleeing through the streets of New York as the two bad guys chase him. By grabbing and throwing or dropping various things he finds in the street, he can gain time and keep running. Despite the number of adults around, no one calls the police. Even when you steal stuff from roadside stands, no one cares. It’s a world gone topsy turvy.  I read there’s only four levels, so it’s not going to eat your entire life and also there’s a couple of pictures of Tim Curry so that’s pleasing. If you’re desperate to pretend you’re Kevin for whatever reason I would say, grab the second game and ignore the first.

Both games are available at Abandonia, which is where I get the other games too. I figured it was time to just link the things in case you’re so desperate to play them you can’t bring your trembling hands to google them. I understand. We’re all friends here.


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