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I guess I just like liking things

The story of this game is so common it’s almost cliche – you’re driving around to deliver presents to a remote town on behalf of your Grandfather (Santa Claus) when your car turns into candy. I know, I know, this has been done so many times. I believe this one is based on a true story. In order to restore your car to working order and presumably save Christmas, you need to get the witches on your side by helping them with various tasks.

The company behind Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm, Argali Entertainment,  is based in the Ukraine. I only mention this because, as with a lot of these Hidden Object style games, there’s a few bits lost in translation. The hint button never needs a recharge though, so you can click it as many times as you like and you may need to for things that are either translated incorrectly or when you don’t realise on your own that you need to give a bird a hat made out of a turnip in order to get the door handle for the door in the fridge, behind which lurks the exact shoe you need to bribe the policeman. These are made up examples, but Hidden Object Adventure games tend to defy anything like logic. This one mostly makes sense.

It’s graphically lovely, and the hidden object scenes are no real challenge. There’s no tiny 4×4 pixel things to find, for example. It’s not really anything new in the Hidden Object genre, but it’s sweet and a bit cozy which is all you can ask really.

The game retails for around $8 on Big Fish Games, a free one hour trial is available. (You’ll need to install the Big Fish Games Manager).


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