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I guess I just like liking things


Okay so it’s not the original because the original wouldn’t record. I know, what a world. You know the original anyway. You played it. Don’t pretend you didn’t, everyone did because everyone emailed it to everyone else. Anyone with an email address in 1999 was sent Elf Bowling about 10 times. It was viral before viral was a thing.

Anyway, this particular game in the Elf Bowling saga takes place on, in and around Hawaii. There’s a cruise ship, the Elves invade somehow (I didn’t read the story) and they must bowl to save.. Christmas? I think if you win against various characters you get to bowl again, which is great.

It’s not a terrible game. It’s a tired game in a way because by the time this one came out in 2008 there was already a ton of previous versions. This one is in 3D though so that’s interesting to a point. It gets less interesting when you can’t skip the boring bits. Your play time is about two clicks per minute which is dull.You can’t skip the AI player turns either so that’s also dull. The original game was about 3 minutes for a complete game, this one is 15 minutes for one round. I suppose it’s good value for money.

I’m not going to link to a download place because it’s in dozens of places so you can dig it up from your preferred place to download things that are Elf Bowling.

I won’t be here next week. Which is only sort of true, I will be here at my desk because I’m working, but I won’t be here here on the site because of the Winter Closing of Zwolanerd (feel free to think of suitable music for that phrase). As such, I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for watching, to wish you a Happy Everything and a Brilliant New Year and to tell you I’ll be back next year with more rambling, poorly recorded nonsense for your eyes. My gift, to you.


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