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I guess I just like liking things

Hello. Happy New Year to you. This week I have dusted off a game I used to load from a floppy and play for hours. Crystal Caves was a pretty solid little game back in the day, and it sort of hasn’t aged much.

Basically, your character wants to raise the cash to start a twibble farm and in order to do that he needs to collect all the gems in random mines on a random planet. Obviously, the creatures that inhabit these mines are not so keen on just giving up the gems so you have to shoot them, or avoid them, or – if you’re me, die horribly at their hands (claws?)

Like many games in the glorious 1990s (New Kids on the Block notwithstanding), The Trouble With Twibbles was part one of a trilogy.  Like many games in the glorious 1990s, I only ever played the freebie first episode because it was too much effort to send US funds anywhere.  I’m unsure on the abandonware status of the series, but the first episode is obviously free. I nabbed mine from The Internet Archive. Enjoy! (Don’t shoot the air units)


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