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I guess I just like liking things


First, an apology. After having none of these videos record game sound ever, I didn’t even bother to check and in this case game sound was recorded (presumably because the music is so catchy it invades all consciousness).

In “Ski or Die” you ski, or you die. Not actually true, there’s no deaths. Not even when you fall off a huge mountain and land on your face. Your little guy just teleports back to where he was and keeps on keeping on. What a trooper.

There are five Winter “sports” to play – aerial, downhill, innertube thrash, snowball fight and halfpipe. I seriously spent hours on this one back in the 1990s (I’ll ask you at this point to please not add up the hours of all the games I claim to spend hours on because it will give you a glimpse into what can only be described as a wild youth. Wild.) and was amazing at it. I can tell you that, you weren’t there. I could sometimes get 4 moves in the aerial instead of the 2 I manage in the video.  I’ve just fired up the game to have another go and managed one and a half backflips.

There is also “Skate or Die” which I never played, so that might be on the line for next week unless you have a suggestion for something fun you’d like to see me bumble through.


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