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I guess I just like liking things


Another in the long list of games I played the first installment of is Boppin’. Let’s get this sorted right now – there is no g. It’s Boppin’. It is not now and never was Bopping. You wash your mouth out. In fact, it wasn’t even a first installment as such. I didn’t realise at the time, but it was more of a sampler. I realise this now because of the number of levels I just played that I have never seen before. You should know by now my memory for games of the early to mid 1990s is almost perfect, so I’m certain on this one.

With a lot of these old games, replaying them now is kind of a joke because game mechanics and graphics and plots have moved on so much from the early 1990s (gosh that sounded really good, remember I said that). Boppin’ remains very playable and appealing. Good effort from the devs there. The plot line is a bit dated simply because it refers to games that were big in the early 1990s. Otherwise, the puzzle mechanic and the cheery graphics still feel fun.

Two player mode is an option if you have someone else in the room with you, but single player is as fun and you don’t have to say “You smashed that block you dork!” and have fisticuffs. I get competitive, what can I say?


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