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I guess I just like liking things

I’m naming this entry that strictly because it fits the naming scheme. I really don’t think that a person needs a pedigree to talk about movies.  Most people I know love movies, it’s just the type they disagree on.  I’ll never be a guy who writes movie reviews because I can’t pick them apart the “right way.” I enjoy most movies, but I can’t tell you thing one about cinematography or themes.  I did poorly in my Literary Criticism class in college for the same reason.  “I liked this” wasn’t quite enough for my teacher.

I have been keeping movie journals over the last eight years, keeping track of what I watched when and in what format, and, starting in 2007, who I watched them with.  Here are the numbers:

2005 – 263
2006 – 371
2007 – 107 (slow year!)
2008 – 241
2009 – 221
2010 – 120 (I got married this year, so there was bound to be a fall-off)
2011 – 142
2012 (so far) –  139

In addition, in 2008 I started a (so far) yearly tradition of hosting a movie marathon in January or February, the months people were most likely to not mind being indoors all day. Here’s the history on those:

2008 – Star Wars – We watched in Episode order, not release order.  No women showed up for this one.

2009 – Lord of the Rings – So far, this has been the best-attended one, with an almost-equal mix of men and women in attendance.

2010 – Indiana Jones (from Worst to First) – My order: 4, 2, 1, 3. Yes, I think Last Crusade is the best one by a slight margin, though I won’t quibble with people who choose Raiders.

2011 – Pirates of the Caribbean – Back when there were only three movies in the series.  This one was the least enjoyable, in my opinion. The first one reaches heights never again attained by the remaining movies.

2012 – Harry Potter – Had to split this one over a Friday night and Saturday.  Lots of people came to at least parts of this one, with 5 of us being there the whole time.

I’m still considering what to have this next January. I’m leaning towards a Batman marathon (7-8 movies, depending on if I include the 1966 movie, which I’m not inclined to do) or an Avengers marathon (but a friend sorta did that before The Avengers was released to theaters, so that seems like copying).  Any other ideas?  Keep in mind that the series need to be PG-13 or lower, to allow for the potential audience.

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