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I guess I just like liking things

I had a thing all planned out for today, something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of weeks. But the more I thought about it and looked at it, it just wasn’t going to work the way I wanted it to.  I still like the idea, I just think the choice was wrong.

The idea is that we all watch something together and come back here to talk about it. By every Friday, we’ve all watched the next episode so we all come back here ready to discuss it.  I thought for our first foray into this we could pick something a lot of people have access to and something that was a short run show – like, one season.  There are lots of great shows that fit the second part (Firefly and Wonderfalls, for example), but the first part is tricky. Many people have Netflix, but not everyone does. I might even be willing to go out and buy a season of something on DVD if the price was right.

So let’s open it up for discussion. In the comments, leave your top three choices – shows you love, shows you’ve been meaning to watch, shows you’ve heard good things about, shows you’ve seen dozens of times – anything.  In fact, let’s take the “short run” requirement off it. We’ll say “first season of something,” and if “first season” means “entire run,” then that’s okay.

I’m not even going to seed the discussion by making suggestions!  I will say, though, that a half-hour show might be a good starting place for us as we try this out.  Most folks could manage to watch 22 minutes of something in a week, I suspect.

Let’s hear your suggestions!


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