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I guess I just like liking things

As I mentioned earlier this week, my wife and I started watching The Walking Dead two years after everyone else did. Netflix has the first two seasons available via streaming, so we’re quickly making our way through them and are already wondering how we’re going to catch up on season three in a week when we’ll be done with season two. yes, we could buy them on iTunes, but I won’t because that’s ridiculous.  We’re four episodes into season two, so the following thoughts are based on only seeing that much of the show. Maybe these get answered later on.

So we’re all aware the show is about zombies, right?  That’s not a spoiler, is what I’m saying.  Only nobody calls them zombies, they’re “walkers” or “geeks” or “the dead.” I don’t really understand how “geeks” made the list, but whatevs. In one episode we find out how people become zombiefied, but not really.  I mean, we sorta see the process, but nobody knows what’s causing the process. It’s probably not magic, but I’m not ruling that out.

I’ve never been a fan of zombie stuff, I’m more of a (non-sparkly) vampires and aliens kind of guy.  Part of that is because zombies are gross, I think, but the other part is that the whole conceit is flawed.  I refer you to 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly), but I do so with the warning that those guys use lots of naughty language. Shame on them, but they make some good points.  Regardless, as has often been pointed out, The Walking Dead is more about the people and the relationships than it is about the zombies. I’m enjoying it, but it’s more on an “it’s fine” level than a “I’m going to become Star Trek-levels of obsessed with it” one.

On to my questions:

  1. Are there walker animals? If not, why not?  Maybe it’s because the smaller animal brains can’t handle whatever process it is that’s causing the human zombies.
  2. Why do the walkers herd? (Cue the Abbott & Costello: “A herd of zombies!” “Sure, I’ve heard of zombies.” “No, no, a zombie herd.” “What do I care if a zombie heard? I didn’t say nothin’ to be ashamed of!”) I can think of no good reason for this. They’re operating on “I’M HUNGRY” levels, not “Hey, let’s hang out because we’re all zombies” levels.
  3. When the zombies are headed from one place to another, where are they going? This is closely related to the previous question, as it seems when one is headed somewhere, a whole bunch are headed somewhere. Perhaps they all read a Yelp! review of some good brains down the road. “A++ would eat again”
  4. Seriously, how did it happen? While I suspect the series will eventually get around to this one, it wouldn’t surprise me if it never does. The series is about the people surviving and getting along, so in that sense it doesn’t matter what caused it, but I still want to know.
  5. Seriously, Lori. What’s your deal? Because, come on.
  6. Dale is awesome. I realize this is not a question. Dale is a guy who seems to know a lot about a lot of things. In fact, a discussion about Dale led both my wife and I to conclude that my dad would be a great guy to have around in a zombie apocalypse for pretty much the same reasons.

If you have any of the answers to these questions, I’d love to hear them, but maybe not in the comments because some people might not want to hear them. But perhaps you have other non-spoiler-y questions you would like to ask?


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