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I guess I just like liking things

I literally heard about this upcoming game for the first time today and I got so excited I forgot what I was actually going to post.

I was surprised to learn just how many Ninja Turtles games there have been, because I have only played four: the NES one (ridiculously difficult), the two arcade titles, and the 2007 TMNT game, which I really enjoyed even if it was short and didn’t have 4-player, which I think is kind of ridiculous – there’s four Turtles, make it 4-player co-op! Regardless, this new game shows a lot of promise, even if it’s a downloadable arcade game instead of a full on-disc thing. A lot of people are saying the phrase “Arkham-style fighting,” and I can see that and I’m totally on-board with that. Also, that phrase makes me think that someone has for sure done a Gangnam Style parody named Arkham Style, but I’m not even going to look it up.

I have not yet had the chance to watch the newest incarnation of the Turtles on Nickolodeon, but I like the look of it that I’ve seen in trailers and whatnot. If Netflix ever gets it, I’m sure I’ll catch up on it. I started watching The Next Mutation series on Netflix, but I’m not sure that I’ll finish that one.

Oddly enough, I associate the Turtles with Easter, but  let me be quick to say it isn’t for any religious reasons! My family always celebrated Easter, but we never did the Easter basket thing. The girl I was dating my Senior year of high school gave me my first ever Easter basket in 1990, and she included the first trade paperback collection of Turtles comics. I still have it and the following three collections, and it’s still the best version of the Turtles, and Eastman and Laird would agree. This history is fascinating, especially their comments on the cartoon show, which was most people’s intro to the group.

I hope this new game lives up to the promise of that video!

Turtle Thoughts:

  • Donatello will always be my favorite Turtle, and if he’s going to have a voice it ought to be Corey Feldman.
  • I liked the first movie April better than the subsequent one.
  • Any time I see Elias Koteas in anything, he’s still Casey Jones to me.
  • I’ve always been amused by Krang, and if I were a lady and ever got pregnant, you can bet I’d want to do this.
  • I have bought two of the TMNT Lego sets but haven’t put them together yet
  • I still have my Turtles figures from ~1989. They’re unboxed, so they’re not worth anything to anyone else.
  • I got in a heated discussion on Twitter a few weeks ago because I believe Secret of the Ooze to be the worst of the three live action Turtles movies.
  • Even so, I still love the phrase, “Yeah, a little too Raph” from that movie
  • I had a cassette copy of the music from the Coming Out of Their Shells tour, and remember actually enjoying a couple of the songs. I should dig up a copy of that and re-listen and see if I still do.
  • Somewhere I still have part of a Ninja Turtles costume that consists of a bandanna (orange/Michelangelo, I think) with a Turtle nose attached to it.
  • I will unironically listen to the song Turtle Power from the first live action movie any time it’s on.

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