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I guess I just like liking things


Starting immediately after the last episode ended, Eric starts to feel woozy and leaves Jaye and Heidi to argue. During the argument, the Mounted Fish tells Jaye to “mend what is broken”, which upsets her. The next morning, she calls Aaron and asks him to come over. She tells him all about the muses. His solution is to collect them all and remove them from the places she frequents. After seeing a new muse on a television commercial, she tosses the TV out the window and accidentally hits Heidi in the head.

Jaye and Eric meet up at the hospital. Heidi has suffered a mild concussion, and also thinks they are still on their honeymoon. The three of them go back to the honeymoon suite that Heidi rebooked, and Eric leaves to go to the Barrel. When the same bellboy that Heidi cheated with shows up, Jaye realizes that Heidi is just pretending to have amnesia. She threatens to go tell Eric, but decides not to. Heidi comes into the Barrel and tells him herself. She asks him to marry her again, and after looking at Jaye and getting no response, he agrees.

Jaye admits to Mahandra that she thinks she’s in love with Eric, and Mahandra insists that she tell Eric. She attempts to go to the chapel and tell Eric herself, but is thwarted by a muse under the brake pedal. Jaye is also on her way to the chapel in a taxi, and arrives just before the ceremony starts. Eric tells Jaye that he’s glad that he is giving his marriage another chance, because it was tearing him apart. Jaye agrees to stay and be a witness to their vows.

The muses get a lot of mileage out of the phrase “mend what’s broken” in this episode. And once again, it relates to more than just our main plot. Jaye resigns herself to trying to halfheartedly reunite Heidi and Eric, mostly by keeping her feelings for Eric to herself. She tries several times to tell him how she feels, but each time is silenced by a muse. She also helps her parents’ relationship, as Karen obviously feels like she is being ignored by her husband. The subplot with Dr. Chambers was pretty funny, especially with Sharon in on the sneaky shenanigans.

"You do realize this is all going on your credit card?"

“You do realize this is all going on your credit card?”

While I like the pairing of Mahandra and Aaron, I felt that Mahandra’s babbling and weird defensiveness was a little much. So far, Mahandra has been more of the voice of reason, although she sometimes gets caught up in things and loses control (Pink Flamingos, Barrel Bear). Her getting all stammery over references to brothers and other triggers seemed over the top. It was supposed to be comedic, but it just felt forced to me.

And finally someone is really in on the secret of the muses with Jaye. Aaron’s reaction when Jaye told him was hard to read. Was he disbelieving, or was this confirming something he had already suspected? He seems truly interested in the mystery though, and doesn’t immediately call Jaye crazy, which is a far cry from his suggestion that she be euthanized in the pilot episode.

We get to see a lot of muses in this episode. The Mounted Bass begins by saying this episode’s refrain: “mend what is broken”. The Wax Lion later repeats it in Jaye’s trailer, followed by the Lying Pig on a bacon package on a television commercial, and then the cobra on Eric’s tee shirt. T-Shirt Cobra also says for Jaye to spit out her gum, which influences her parents’ subplot, and that it’s Heidi’s “check out time” from the hospital. Later, at the Barrel, the Mounted Bass tells Jaye to “Uhhh – shut it!” when she starts to tell Eric the truth about Heidi’s amnesia and then to “get to the church on time”. And of course, we see a couple scenes with a whole bunch of them, first in Jaye’s trailer, then again in Aaron’s bedroom, as he tries to get them to communicate with him.


  • Jaye mentions Days of Our Lives when she realizes that Heidi has been faking her amnesia. This is a long-running soap opera.
  • After Darrin punches Dr. Chambers, Jaye comments that it is like Tyson v. Holyfield, which is the incident in which boxer Mike Tyson bit off the ear of his opponent, Evander Holyfield.

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