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I guess I just like liking things

Every so often I feel the need to use a day’s post to talk about the actual site here. I know it’s not as exciting as a “Top Ten Movies Featuring Ducks” list [Disclaimer: that list does not exist here], but I’ve always hoped this site would be shaped by the readers somewhat, so talking about the site itself can help me see where it’s headed and hopefully get you excited about what’s coming down the line, too.

Let’s use a bulleted list to do this because I have a fondness for bulleted lists:

  • Meags will be wrapping up her Wonderfalls series up in the next couple of weeks (don’t forget to come back tonight for episode 10!), and I’m hoping to talk her into starting a new series when it’s finished.  Maybe Pushing Daisies? Or Freaks & Geeks? Or maybe something that went on for years and years so she’s stuck writing here for years and years, like… The Simpsons!  Perfect! 25 years of shows should keep her busy for a while.
  • Starting this Saturday, I’ll be porting some previously-written articles about Weird Al’s discography over to the site. It’s a project I started a long time ago and is another piece of the “How did zwolanerd get started?” puzzle. I never finished the series but always intended to, and I think bringing it over here is a good way to prompt me. Since I don’t normally post on Saturdays I thought bringing previously-written stuff over on that day would be a good compromise.
  • I really like the idea of starting a Second Chance series, as suggested by Derek a couple weeks ago. Problem is, my memory fails me and the only candidate I can come up with for it so far is E.T. If you’ve got other suggestions, leave them in the comments.  I guess I could start with E.T. and see if it prompts anything.
  • I also like Mandy’s idea from that post about a time-based series. Her suggestion was to take a decade as a basis, and I’ve also thought about doing just a years a basis, and I imagine that the end result will probably be a mix of the two.
  • I’m looking for guest authors for the first week of July. I’ve already contacted a few people and have a few more in mind, but if you’ve been sitting on an article idea for a while that you’d like to do, contact me and I’ll bet we can make it happen.

As always, thanks for coming by and thanks for telling your friends about us!

As Leonard Nimoy likes to sign off, “LLAP.”


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