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I guess I just like liking things

And the winner of the first ever zwolanerd giveaway is…


I used the list randomizer at, covered the top part of the screen, and hit the randomize button 41 times. No cats involved this time around, I’m afraid.

The good news is that Joe only picked one movie to get (The Wedding Singer), so the rest of them might be up for grabs at a later date. Joe, be sure to leave a comment with your Q*bert suggestion, and I”ll get you your movie and Q*bert drawing soon.

As for the site suggestions, there were some really good ones, so I’m going to include them here for you to take a look at it, just in case you don’t read the comments.

Joe: I’d like to see some of the things that shaped you into who you are today in review form. Movies, music, whatever. Your general feelings about the subject and how it moved you in a certain direction.

Derek: I actually had an idea for your site and now I can use it to maybe win a copy of UHF. Second chance: You watch a show or movie that you either never bothered to see or that you saw but didn’t care for when you were younger. Then tell us why you didn’t see it or care for it, then watch it again and see if your view has changed or if you regret not having watched it sooner.

bd: I think you should be reading more Batman trades you haven’t read and talking about them. Because I like to talk about Batman. (Batman)

TheBon: I really think you should investigate weekly/daily qberts since I know how happy drawing them makes you.

Angela: What I’d like to see on this site is your take on movie ratings and censorship. How serious should movie ratings be taken, what should and shouldn’t be allowed in movies, and how they influence children. And also whether or not it’s up to the government to keep kids from being exposed to bad things or the parents. You know… That kind of stuff.

Mandy: I think it would be fun to do a weekly post of a “Decade of Movies”; pick a decade, pick a day a week to review a movie, each post being the next year in the decade (Movie/Post1: 1980, Movie/Post 2: 1981, etc.) You could pick whichever movie you wanted, and maybe you’d end up watching something you’ve never watched before. OR! You could take movie suggestions from others!

EmilyB: How about Top 5 movies that sucked so bad, you want your 2 hours back?

d4v34x: Musical stuff, perhaps?

Kira: Have you done a sort of list of “great romantic scenes set to great romantic music” or something? Like, just those wonderful scenes in romantic comedies/TV shows when the couple FINALLY kisses, usually set to music? :D

daniel: More of the same

Eric: I’m hoping you will write a preview of what you expect from the upcoming Arrested Development season.

Brian: As for things I’d like to see, hmm. I’ve really enjoyed the “How games affect me” post and that’d be really interesting to see more of.

Meags: I don’t want any of your movies, but my suggestion is BUFFY! as always.

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