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I guess I just like liking things

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  Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of zwolanerd.  Use “two” instead of “ten” in the clip above and you’ve got a taste for what’s going on in my head here (aside from the “being a professional killer” part). When I started zwolanerd two years ago, I had an idea that I wanted to do a […]


I’ve mentioned before about how I tend to freeze up when trying to come up with topics to write about. I have ideas all the time, but when it comes down to actually writing, I can’t ever remember any of them and then I panic. It’s a weird self-imposed thing, I know, but it’s there […]


I meant to tell you this a couple of days ago, but my not being able to get to it until now should tell you why I’m telling you this: zwolanerd is on hiatus until the new year!  Most likely January 6! Consider this our gift to you for the season. No longer do you […]


I am forgoing your normally scheduled Music Monday because zwolanerd turned 1 last Friday. Those who object my preempting Music Monday need to take the following advice from Phil & Lem: It has been an interesting year for me. I started with a “let’s see if I can post every day for a month” and […]


It’s Weird Al Week! Why?  Circumstances! On Wednesday, I’m going to a 25th Anniversary screening of UHF, hosted by Weird Al himself. Two days later I’m going to see Weird Al in concert for the third time. Those two circumstances made me feel like it was Weird Al Week already, so it might as well […]

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