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I guess I just like liking things

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It has become frustrating that everything we see isn’t readily available. It used to be if you didn’t watch a show when it was on, you had to hope you’d catch it in reruns eventually. We dealt with it because that’s just how it was. Now, we fir up Netlfix or Hulu or even YouTube to […]


I was watching the trailer for Pixels when I noticed a well-loved celebrity (no, not Adam Sandler): Now, I was planning to see the movie anyway (you can’t just throw in a bunch of classic arcade games and expect me not to show up), but now I have to see what happens with Q*bert. Given the […]


I have no idea where this is from, but my friend Matt pointed it out to me a while ago and I felt you needed to see it since my ultimate goal here at zwolanerd is to be all-Q*bert all the time. I honestly can’t tell if these are people in costumes or puppets. Coily […]


I did not mean for this week to become Q*bert Week (note to self: future idea!), but Lyn’s video yesterday got me looking at other Q*bert videos on YouTube. I’m well aware that any post that has “Q*bert” in the title immediately cuts my audience by about 90%, but that 10% deserves the highest quality Q*bert posts I […]


Price: Free Client: Browser Play it at: Before recording this video, I had never played Q*Bert. This was a fact that Mark couldn’t even. He just couldn’t even on that one. So I said I’d play it in order to 1. Finally be able to say I had and 2. Stop looking for an MMO […]

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