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Okay, so I went MIA. I’ve been stuck on this stupid Oracle of Ages game for the better part of two months, and today I decided that I’d move on. I’d already decided that when I wasn’t able to complete Majora’s Mask, that I would try to finish every other game in the series. So […]

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After expanding Zelda’s game world into 3D with the N64 era games, going back to the classic overhead view was a bit jarring. However, we’re at the Game Boy Color era games with the first of the two Oracle games, Oracle of Seasons. Nintendo seemed to share the idea about the old view feeling constricting, […]

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So I have failed you. This will be the first one of these games I review without having completed the game. Part of that is because I moved, some of it was the Mario Kart 8 review that will be on this site sooner or later. Majora’s Mask is a huge game, and with a […]


So this is probably going to be for some of you where this series peaks. Drawing from the backstory laid down by A Link to the Past, Ocarina becomes the fulcrum for the whole series’ mythology. If you haven’t played this game, you can still experience it fresh on the 3DS with some graphics enhancements. […]

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Considering that every Zelda game until Ocarina of Time is platform/generation defining, Link’s Awakening might get overlooked. Though the Game Boy is the first portable platform, the defining game of the platform is Pokemon or Tetris. Link’s Awakening might not be the biggest game on the Game Boy, but it still deserves a lot of […]