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I guess I just like liking things

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I thoroughly love New Girl, but it has been driving me crazy all season long. This Nick/Jess thing is blerg, and I’m apparently the only one who thinks so. Most places I read are all “It’s about time!” and “More!” and I’m all “afhasDFKjhsvhsvl.”  The thing is, I know all about the “will they or […]

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I had to narrow the range down on this or someone would give me grief because I Love Lucy or M*A*S*H isn’t on here, and nobody wants any grief.  I’ve also limited it to half-hour shows because I still don’t know where to categorize Freaks & Geeks and Wonderfalls. 10. The Office – I’m still watching […]

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My wife and I finished our run-through of Friends last night. I couldn’t tell you the exact date we started it, but we were in season 7  back in November, so it seems like we’ve made good time. It’s been less than 5 months, that much I know. I’ll keep better track of the next […]


It seems silly to announce a new recurring feature for the site because everything’s a new feature on the site. Regardless, this new feature is where I talk about an episode of something I just watched. Easy enough, right? Friends was very good about telling you what the episode was about right there in the […]

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