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I guess I just like liking things

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Some of you might recall how we were a crucial part of getting The Compleat Al released on DVD. Well, your help is needed again. All of Me was #4 on my Steve Martin list, but I admitted it was going mostly off memory as I hadn’t seen it in a long, long time. The main […]


Eventually I’m going to have to go forward in time because the farther back I go the fewer movies I’ve seen. I have only seen 15 movies in the 1983 list, and only six of them are movies I’d consider putting on my list.  I’ll address all 15 of them, but I can’t in good conscience […]

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This thing was all over the Internet yesterday, but I couldn’t let it slide without a mention here. Steve Martin and Kermit the Frog in “Dueling Banjos” from Steve Martin   It’s not hilarious, but it’s fun and catchy.  What I really love about this video with two of my favorite characters ever, though, is […]

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This list is prompted by my watching Father of the Bride recently. I’ve mentioned before just how much I like Steve Martin, but I was still surprised at how hard it was to order this list. I’m not sure that I agonized over it, but I certainly was stymied for a while. I’d guess if […]

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In the history of entertainment there have been two (with a slightly-possible third) entertainers who’ve had careers I wish I had: Phil Hartman and Steve Martin (possible third: Jim Carrey). Unfortunately, we’ll never get to know what else Phil would have done, but Steve keeps surprising us. I strongly urge you to read his autobiography […]

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