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I guess I just like liking things

This movie is why most people think Canadians say "eh" and "hoser" nonstop

This movie is why most people think Canadians say “eh” and “hoser” nonstop

Eventually I’m going to have to go forward in time because the farther back I go the fewer movies I’ve seen. I have only seen 15 movies in the 1983 list, and only six of them are movies I’d consider putting on my list.  I’ll address all 15 of them, but I can’t in good conscience do it in one list.

6. Twilight Zone: The Movie – I only remember a couple of things about this movie: the horrific accident that happened while filming it and John Lithgow’s take on William Shatner’s famous “There’s something on the wing!” episode. I generally like most Twilight Zone stuff.

5. A Christmas Story – I didn’t see this for the first time until I was nearly 30. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again, but if other people in my vicinity were bound and determined to watch it I could sit through it okay.

4. WarGames – I used to have the “Shall we play a game?” .WAV file as my startup sound for Windows 3.1.

3. Strange Brew – This is one of the most oft-quoted movies for a certain time in my friend group during high school. It’s a ridiculous take on Hamlet and oh so silly. I have fond memories of it, but I fear if I were to watch it again I wouldn’t like it much. Solution: never watch it again.

2. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – I will always maintain that anyone who was paying attention to this movie (particularly the Ewoks) should not have been surprised by JarJar in Episode One. Still, there are some great parts in this movie.

1. The Man with Two Brains – I think this movie might be more ridiculous than Strange Brew in a lot of ways, but I love so many things about it. There’s a sweet love story at the middle of it, so it might even count as a romantic comedy, if you need make that list some time.


  • Christine – One of the first Stephen King books I ever read (the first was Pet Sematary). I’m not much into vengeful cars, it turns out.
  • D.C. Cab – I watched this for one reason: Mr. T is in it. He was the best part.
  • Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life – I’m more of a Holy Grail Python fan, though there are some sketches in this one I like well enough.
  • Mr. Mom – Michael Keaton is a stay-at-home dad and doesn’t know how to do anything! Ha HA! …I don’t remember much else about this one.
  • National Lampoon’s Vacation – There are moments of this I like, but I’m meh on the movie as a whole. John Candy’s line “Sorry folks, park’s closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya.” is my favorite in the whole movie, and I don’t really know why. His delivery of it, I think.
  • Octopussy – Not as bad a Bond film as I’d been led to believe, but certainly not great.
  • Superman III – I happen to think all four of the original Superman movies aren’t that great (2 was the best of a bad lot), but this one is really bad. Not as bad as IV, but pretty bad nonetheless.
  • The Big Chill – I’d probably like this one more now if I rewatched it.
  • Trading Places – Meh.

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