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I guess I just like liking things

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I have seen 67 of the 422 movies released in 2003, and I couldn’t make this list any shorter than 20. Just couldn’t bring myself to do it, sorry. So you get an extended list today (but no honorable/special mentions). Here are my favorites from 2003: 20. Final Destination 2 – My favorite of the […]

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I will admit that I come back to the “yearly” lists of movies well when I’m at a loss coming up with anything else, but I will also say that I enjoy doing them. I don’t have that many years left I’ll be able to do, and I’ll be sad when I run out. I […]

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I have seen 70 of the 400+ movies that were released in 2001. Looking through the list revealed only a couple other ones I’d actually be interested in, but when you consider movies like A Beautiful Mind and Training Day didn’t even make my list of favorites for the year, maybe it’s for the best I […]

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Reddit is the Mos Eisley of the Internet (well, one of the many Mos Eisleys on the Internet), but one of the cool things that happens there is the “AMA,” the Ask Me Anything. People from all walks of life (often celebrities, but not always) swing by and answer questions posted in the thread. If a […]

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It’s weird to think that 2000 was 15 years ago.  Everybody was done freaking out about Y2K and on to freaking out about… I don’t remember, actually. People are always freaking out about something, though. I have seen 67 of the films released in 2000. These are my favorite 10: 10. Cast Away – I know I’m […]

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