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Weird Al’s 14th album was released in July of 2014. It was his first #1 album and it completed his contract after 32 years. There is much speculation that this will be his last album ever and that he’ll release singles here and there to keep up with quickly changing tides of pop culture, but there’s […]


Weird Al won a Best Comedy Album Grammy for Mandatory Fun last night, his fourth overall.  Here’s his acceptance speech: When he started to get choked up a little, I did, too. He beat out Jim Gaffigan, Louis C. K., Patton Oswalt, and Sarah Silverman for the award this year, and that’s kind of a […]


It’s the end of the year (as we know it) and that means it’s time for “best of” lists, right? I think anyone with a website is required by law to produce them, on pain of disinterest. I’ve been mulling which lists I could pull off, and since I kept track of albums I bought this […]


Happy new week to you, folks! I have a couple of things I wanted to share with you that didn’t warrant a whole post just on their own, so here you go: Finally (after three long days of waiting!) the voice actor for the after-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy was revealed (spoilers, obvs) […]

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My initial whittling of the “released in 1984” list got it down to 37. 1984 was a pretty good year for movies, as you’ll see. There are seven movies from the “highest grossing” that didn’t make it onto my list, but that doesn’t bother me much. 10. The Muppets Take Manhattan – Kermit & Miss Piggy […]

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