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I guess I just like liking things

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As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I just do searches for “Q*bert” and see what new things I haven’t seen before. Since most search engines recognize the * as a modifier, it can be tricky, but I persevere. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this comic before, especially since it’s dated 2007. It’s from Dueling Analogs, […]

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I am trying to win an award for Most Awkwardly-Titled Post, so bear with me (and vote when given a chance). I don’t read that many comics, but I do keep up on the industry here and there, mostly via Bleeding Cool, The Gutters, and Twitter in general. I like to know what’s going on with […]

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I haven’t bought comics in years and all of a sudden I’m committed to buying two a month.  That doesn’t sound like much, sure, but it feels like a lot, mostly because it’s way more than I was buying. Make sense? Good. Both comics are written by Gail Simone, which is why I’m getting them. […]

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Yesterday the Media Specialist where I work brought a book to me and said, “I think you’ll enjoy this.” She was right! It’s Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s 190 pages of graphs, the sort you’d see in year-end reports and PowerPoints […]


I recently started following Gail Simone on Twitter, mostly because a friend suggested I do so and because I saw several retweets from her that amused me greatly.  [Twitter Tip: be amusing and friendly to get more Twitter followers!] I had no idea who she was before said friend told me she’d written for several […]

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