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I guess I just like liking things

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Spell check keeps telling me that “videogames” isn’t one word, but I’m still the boss around here, spell check, so you can stick it up your nose. An end-of-the-year list of games suffers the most at my hands, compared to any other list. Games are the most expensive things and I tend to not buy […]

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I haven’t bought comics in years and all of a sudden I’m committed to buying two a month. ┬áThat doesn’t sound like much, sure, but it feels like a lot, mostly because it’s way more than I was buying. Make sense? Good. Both comics are written by Gail Simone, which is why I’m getting them. […]

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Here in the States it’s Thanksgiving, so we’re taking the rest of the week off. “We” in this context means both “Americans” and “us here at zwolanerd.” Take some time to appreciate what and who you have, watch a Thanksgiving movie (Maybe Planes, Trains, & Automobiles? Or maybe ThanksKilling?), and enjoy your time. We’ll see […]

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I am in no position to offer anything new to the “women in videogames” discussion: I am a white, middle-aged male, and my viewpoint is exactly the sort of thing that gets eye-rolled over. I happen to think my opinions on the matter are more closely aligned with the “right” opinions, but most people think […]

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