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I guess I just like liking things

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The thing I’m noticing about these ever-diminishing lists is that while I recognize some of the movies I haven’t seen from the list, I have no desire to go back and catch up on most of them. Most of the “classics” are things I have seen (but, of course, not everything I’ve seen is a […]

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I’ve been a Stallone fan since before I could watch some of his most famous movies.  I remember as an eighth grader sketching the picture from First Blood: Part II (shown here) during school, and that’s still the drawing I’ll use if I ever get “Rambo” as a suggestion in Draw Something. I think there […]

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There are some actors that compel me to see their movies just by being in them. None of them ever call me up and say “Hey, you better see my movie or I’ll kidnap your cats,” but they might as well for as compelled as I feel. Sylvester Stallone is pretty high up on that […]

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In honor of The Expendables 2 hitting home video today, here’s a list of my favorite Sylvester Stallone movies. Please note: I did not say “best” Sylvester Stallone movies. “Best” you can argue with. “Favorite” is unassailable. And, as is becoming my usual, series/sequels only get one entry. 10. Cobra – Listen, I know this one […]

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