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I guess I just like liking things

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It’s often fascinating to me to see how games work and why they’re set up the way they are. I don’t remember when I first realized on-rails shooters were set up that way to show you specific scenes in specific ways or that Resident Evil’s weird camera angles were to maximize the chances you’d get scared, […]

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Here’s Honkus Pants again. You might recall a while back that I stopped playing The Sims Freeplay because they added an aging component and I didn’t want my Sims to die. A couple of weeks ago a friend started playing, and she needed a neighbor to have a loungechair by the pool so she could finish […]


Katy Perry is a huge, huge star. (Sorry, I needed one more totally obvious statement to complete the set and get an Achievement.) Pretty much everyone’s heard her or heard of her and has an opinion on her one way or another. Near as I can tell, she got really famous for her “I Kissed a Girl” […]

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Meet Honkus Pants. There has been a version of him in every Sims game I have ever played. He likes what I like and he wears what I wear (or as close as the games allow) because he’s basically a Sim version of me. No matter who else shows up in the neighborhood, there’s always […]


My original intent was to write an article griping about poor support for mobile games, but I really am trying not to be Mr. Negative here. So I thought if I did a post that had some other stuff but also included some griping it might be okay.  I’m worried that some day I’ll just […]

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