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I guess I just like liking things

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It has been over a year since I’ve done a “What I’m Playing,” which seems weird to me. How have you people gotten along without this information? I just this week got a new phone, so I’ve reinstalled most of the games that were on the last one, but my save games mostly don’t transfer, so […]

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My original intent was to write an article griping about poor support for mobile games, but I really am trying not to be Mr. Negative here. So I thought if I did a post that had some other stuff but also included some griping it might be okay.  I’m worried that some day I’ll just […]

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A few years ago the very idea of playing games with a social element to them elicited a hearty “meh” from me. Farmville was the shining example and it had no appeal to me whatsoever. But, as we’ve talked about before, somebody had the idea to put a Simpsons wrapping around Farmville and I’ve been […]


It used to be that when I got a new game, that’s the only one I played.  These days there are so many more options that only playing one game feels like a waste of time. Here’s what I’m playing these days, organized by platform and focus: Xbox 360 (Current Gamerscore: 69,342) Lego Star Wars […]