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I guess I just like liking things

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I got it in my head a while back that I’d like to finish up some achievements in LEGO Rock Band. This was most likely prompted by two things: My annual New Year’s Eve party, which always includes setting up Rock Band on a projector in the garage (we’re a garage band, see). Knowing I’ll never […]

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Spell check keeps telling me that “videogames” isn’t one word, but I’m still the boss around here, spell check, so you can stick it up your nose. An end-of-the-year list of games suffers the most at my hands, compared to any other list. Games are the most expensive things and I tend to not buy […]

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I got it in my head a while back that it would be fun to build a Q*bert out of Lego. I downloaded the Lego Digital Designer and started playing around with it a bit, but quickly realized I didn’t have the visualization skills or the patience to do it. I can see what it […]

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  Price: Free to play, memberships available at $7.99 a month for extra stuff. Client:  PC currently, iOS and Android to come at time of writing, I think. Get it from: When I was a small person, I had quite the collection of Not Really LEGO blocks. Sort Of LEGO? LEGOesque. There were some genuine […]

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I think I’ve recently figured out why I’m enjoying Lego more and more these days, and I think The Lego Movie helped clarify it in my mind: the mixing of properties. If I get the right sets, I can have Batman and Spider-Man team up with Wolverine to take out a Rancor monster and Shredder. […]