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I guess I just like liking things

I got it in my head a while back that I’d like to finish up some achievements in LEGO Rock Band. This was most likely prompted by two things:

  1. My annual New Year’s Eve party, which always includes setting up Rock Band on a projector in the garage (we’re a garage band, see).
  2. Knowing I’ll never get over “50% achievements unlocked” by playing new games – gotta play old games and clean some stuff up.
The LEGO octopus was my favorite part of the game.

The LEGO octopus was my favorite part of the game.

So while my wife was out of town for a couple of days, I worked towards a couple of goals and got one: the Endless Shameless achievement, for playing the Endless Setlist.

I’ve played the Endless Setlists on Rock Bands 1, 2, and 3, and those were a bit more brutal. The non-LEGO Endless Setlists have you play through every song that came with the game (no DLC), so it was 6-7 hours. Rock Band 2 had a separate achievement for playing the Endless Setlist with pausing, and I don’t recommend you try that one without other players to swap in.

The LEGO Rock Band Endless Setlist is a little bit different. First of all, it only has you playing 30 songs, which seems paltry compared to the 83 (or whatever) from previous versions. Secondly, it includes DLC, so that mixes it up a bit.

I started it at 6:35p and was done by 9p, and I took a couple of breaks. Not so bad. If you want to attempt it sometime, though, I will give you a hint: play it on a machine that doesn’t have any DLC whatsoever on it. See, LEGO Rock Band has this nice little feature you can turn on if you’re inclined. When you are setting up a playlist, you can hit the yellow button to “Play short version.” As you might guess, this has you play a truncated version of the song, usually about two minutes’ worth. With that in place, you can finish up a lot of goals (including the Endless Setlist) pretty quickly. However, it only works on songs included on the LEGO Rock Band disc. No DLC or otherwisely-imported songs have that option, so if you have even one non-disc song in the playlist, the short version option isn’t included. So that’s my tip to you!

I am missing four more achievements for the game, but will most likely only be able to get one more, the “finish all gigs” one. That will take time, but is doable. The “get 100% on the guitar solo in ‘The Final Countdown'” and “have all band members get 100% on a song” achievements are quite unlikely, unfortunately.

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