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I guess I just like liking things

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I don’t really listen to the radio anymore. I didn’t like that I wasn’t hearing a lot of new music, so I started digging around for music podcasts. Many of these are basically a shift on a college radio station in your genre of choice. (Later on, I’ll collect these into a single column.) One […]


A couple years back, I listened to Mumford & Sons’ “Sigh No More” album a grillion times. It didn’t leave my car’s CD player for weeks. When “Babel” came out, I listened to it not as much, maybe only a half-grillion times (scientists are still unsure what to name a half-grillion, so it remains “half-grillion” […]


You have no doubt heard by now that Rock Band 4 will be here soon (and by “here” I mean here in my house after I buy a copy). This has made me extremely happy and I’m already looking forward to scheduling an Endless Setlist day. I have a lot of faith in the Rock […]


Reddit is the Mos Eisley of the Internet (well, one of the many Mos Eisleys on the Internet), but one of the cool things that happens there is the “AMA,” the Ask Me Anything. People from all walks of life (often celebrities, but not always) swing by and answer questions¬†posted in the thread. If a […]

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A week ago this past Saturday I¬†went to a concert at a local venue I didn’t even know existed until I heard about the concert. I hadn’t heard either group before, either, though I had heard of them. Here are a few thoughts on the concert. The Shake Ups in Ponyville From what I can […]