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I guess I just like liking things

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This past Saturday I hosted my 8th annual movie marathon. I chose Star Wars because Episode VII is coming out later this year, so this was my first repeat – Star Wars was the very first movie marathon. We had a decent crowd, 10-15 throughout the day, with 7-8 of us there for the whole […]

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There’s this scene in Star Wars where the Millennium Falcon has been captured and is sitting in a dock on the Death Star. Two Stormtroopers have been stationed at the bottom of the ramp into the Falcon, and a scanning crew has been sent inside. Not long after the scanners have entered the ship, someone […]


Eventually I’m going to have to go forward in time because the farther back I go the fewer movies I’ve seen. I have only seen 15 movies in the 1983 list, and only six of them are movies I’d consider putting on my list.  I’ll address all 15 of them, but I can’t in good conscience […]

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Welcome to the thing where I try to find good things in one of the worst things ever put to film (allegedly). I’ve always kind of wanted to see this so I figured this was the year to do it.  I invited a bunch of people to watch it with me, but only two others […]


I don’t remember the first episode of Star Trek I ever saw, but I do remember that an episode of Star Trek was one of the first things on TV to scare me. I was at a friend’s house with my family, and I couldn’t have been any older than 6 or 7. Someone was […]

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