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I guess I just like liking things

I think I’ve recently figured out why I’m enjoying Lego more and more these days, and I think The Lego Movie helped clarify it in my mind: the mixing of properties. If I get the right sets, I can have Batman and Spider-Man team up with Wolverine to take out a Rancor monster and Shredder. Meanwhile, Darth Vader and M.O.D.O.K. have kidnapped Gollum and… well, you see how ridiculous it can get.


Marvel will be announcing the new Fantastic Four any day now

It’s fun to imagine cross-fandom pairings, though. I mean, DC and Marvel have given it a stab a few times here and there, and I’m one of the few people who enjoyed DC vs. Mortal Kombat. And how long did people want to see Sonic vs. Mario?  I’m not so sure that Olympics was what people were asking for, but hey. And the Super Smash Brothers series? Total cross-pollination going on there.

“Who would win in a fight, ___________ or ___________?” is one of the time-honored geek traditional questions. Freddy vs. Jason? King Kong vs. Godzilla? Batman vs. Captain America? These have all been “answered,” but not definitively, really. I had my money on Freddy, so I don’t put much stock in how that movie played out.

I love to imagine an actor’s character showing up in another series the actor was in. That was, after all, the whole point of my “The End of Bones” entry. It’s fun and it’s mostly harmless.

What pair-ups or versuses (you can’t really pluralize that word) would you like to see?


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