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I guess I just like liking things

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I got it in my head a while back that it would be fun to build a Q*bert out of Lego. I downloaded the Lego Digital Designer and started playing around with it a bit, but quickly realized I didn’t have the visualization skills or the patience to do it. I can see what it […]

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I’ve been thinking about last weekend’s pop culture convention all week. I should have taken notes while I was there, but I worry sometimes that doing that will take me out of the fun of being somewhere, you know? I don’t know that I have any great narrative to share on the con as a whole, so […]

I think I’ve recently figured out why I’m enjoying Lego more and more these days, and I think The Lego Movie helped clarify it in my mind: the mixing of properties. If I get the right sets, I can have Batman and Spider-Man team up with Wolverine to take out a Rancor monster and Shredder. […]


I am not a person for stepping outside my comfort zone. I like what I like and things I don’t know are weird and maybe terrifying to me. Once you get to know me I’ll talk your ear off, but getting me to talk to a stranger is a Herculean task (though with less slaying […]


This weekend I visited a new-to-me toy store, Intergalactic Toys in Indianapolis (their Facebook page). I heard about them via Twitter, and since we were in the area looking for furniture, I was able to talk my wife into taking a look. I realize most of you aren’t in the area, so me talking about […]