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I guess I just like liking things

This weekend I visited a new-to-me toy store, Intergalactic Toys in Indianapolis (their Facebook page). I heard about them via Twitter, and since we were in the area looking for furniture, I was able to talk my wife into taking a look. I realize most of you aren’t in the area, so me talking about a sorta-local place doesn’t do you much good, but if you get the chance you should check them out. They’ve got lots and lots of stuff I should have taken pictures of, but here are a few things that stuck out to me:

  • a Portal gun (I assume it was non-functioning, or else that $150 price tag was a major bargain)
  • a Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun
  • a few LEGO kits
  • a drivable (if you weigh 55 lbs. or less) Mario Kart
  • many, many action figures from all your major genres: movies, TV, videogames
  • lots of TMNT stuff, including a 1-foot-tall Krang Android from the cartoon (and, yes, Krang was removable from the stomach)
  • lots of Batman stuff, like, a really lot

The Krang tempted me, enough that I’m still considering it a few days later. but what I ended up getting was this:


I tried to take some other pictures, but they don’t look so great through the plastic. Here’s the same thing on Amazon, and there are a couple of good pictures there.

It’s the Batmobile featured in the 1989 movie, which is my favorite Batmobile of all time. I love the look of it and wish I could ride in it. This might be the closest I ever get (which, admittedly, is not that close). It’s made of die-cast metal, and it feels pretty solid (that Amazon link says it’s 3 lbs., which doesn’t sound like enough, but I’m not a store, what do I know?). I’d love to get my hands on it and run it around a bit, but I don’t think I can bring myself to break the seals on it. Let me just say: this thing is beautiful.

I’ve never bought a 1:18 model of anything. I’m not really a car guy, so it never really occurred to me to buy something like this until I laid eyes on it. Now I have a new problem. Looking it up on Amazon got them to start suggesting other movie cars to me, like the ECTO-1, Doc Brown’s DeLorean, and the Tumbler from Batman Begins. I want every last one of them, even though the whole lot would cost me upwards of $300.

Like I needed another thing to obsess and spend money on.


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