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I guess I just like liking things

His parents were disassembled right in front of him when he was just a kid

His parents were disassembled right in front of him when he was just a kid

I think it is a well-established bit of info around these parts that I enjoy the Lego videogames. For the most part they are exactly the right level of difficulty for me, they are generally quite funny, and the collection quests and goals scratch me right where I itch. Run through the game once, then run through it again to collect everything: boom.

9. The Lord of the Rings – My biggest problem with this is that all the audio was just lifted right from the movies. There was some visual humor, but it was the least funny of the whole lot.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game – The best part about this one is the way LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow runs. They somehow captured Johnny Depp’s performance perfectly.

7. Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – More lightsabering = more fun

6. The Lego Movie Videogame – I just played and finished this one this past week. It’s the shortest by far (it only took me 21 hours to complete it, achievements and all), and it pretty much sticks with the movie all the way through, so there weren’t many surprises. Many of the characters from the movie show up (including Gandalf, Abraham Lincoln, and Shakespeare), but that only made me more disappointed that Michelangelo (the Turtle, not the Renaissance guy) didn’t show up. My only hope is that this means they’ll eventually make a TMNT Lego game at some point.

5. Harry Potter: Years 1–4/Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7 – I played through both of these right around the time I watched the movies through again, and both things helped me enjoy the other one better.

4. Star Wars/Star Wars II/Star Wars: The Complete Saga – The first LEGO game I ever played was the first Star Wars one, which was based one the prequels, which meant the best part was being able to “kill” the Jar Jar minifig. I haven’t technically played The Complete Saga, but it’s a combination of the other two, so it was hard to get excited about playing through that one.

3. Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – This was the first one I remember having actual voices (rather than grunts, sighs, and exclamatory noises) for the characters, and it was also the first with the open world hub rather than individual areas with levels. I think the games lost a little something by going with actual speech (the Star Wars “I am your father” speech without words is one of the best things in any Lego game ever, and would’ve never happened if there was speech in that one), but the casting for this one was perfect, Superman especially. He’s such a dork!

2. Batman – I’m sure most of the appeal was because, duh, Batman, but the play mechanic of going back through the story again from the villains’ point of view was pretty neat.

1. Marvel Super Heroes – While Batman is by far my favorite Superhero, overall I like Marvel better than DC. This game not only has a free-range open world version of New York City, there’s also a SHIELD helicarrier hovering above it. The sheer number of heroes from the Marvel pantheon was staggering, and LEGO Deadpool cracked me up pretty much the whole time.

There are four games I have not included on the above list:

  • The Hobbit – I have not yet played this one, but I assume I will at some point.
  • Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures/Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues – I left these off the list because my memory is unclear on them. I think I liked the first one, but really didn’t like the second one, but I can’t remember well enough to feel good about including them.
  • LEGO Rock Band – I enjoyed this, but it isn’t the same sort of action-adventure thing so it didn’t really fit in the list

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