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I guess I just like liking things

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I am not a person for stepping outside my comfort zone. I like what I like and things I don’t know are weird and maybe terrifying to me. Once you get to know me I’ll talk your ear off, but getting me to talk to a stranger is a Herculean task (though with less slaying […]


This being Halloween, I think that I can safely admit that more often than not, I cheer for the villain. Think of the best horror and sci-fi films, almost everyone that comes to your mind has an iconic villain. Same goes for the best video games, what would Zelda and Mario be without Gannon and […]

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I’ve been playing Scrabble regularly now for 20 years, which I just now realized is half my life. Whoa. Anyway, I grew up around Scrabble – my mom would play it when she got around friends and family, and they let me play every so often, but CAT and THE don’t make for very good […]