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I guess I just like liking things


Price: Free to play, paid membership available for larger maps and more content.
Client: Browser
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Everyone’s heard of Runescape. Unless you’re living under some kind of weird internet based rock, you’ve heard of Runescape. The last time I had anything much to do with it I was working in a library and we’d had to ban it. It’s one thing to type in chat “You stole my gold you jerk!” it’s another thing when people are sitting next to each other and punches can be thrown.

Anyway, that was the original 2D Runescape. I went in one day to see what all the obsessive, punchy goodness was and wasn’t that grabbed with it. It’s all been revamped and cheered up and is now a 3D game. The original 2D version is still available, but only for paid members. I wasn’t even going to play it for this series, but my friend Lizzie told me to and I am nothing if not obedient.

The thing I found hardest to deal with was the movement. I’m a WASD kinda gal, but in Runescape this just swings your camera around madly, the game itself is all click based for movement. This annoyed me, but I suspect it’s something you’d get used to if you played enough. Everything else is much as you’d expect it to be for a fantasy MMO, there’s combat boosts, different weapons, an action bar, armour. All the usual.

It was fun enough to play, but reading the website gives me a strong indication that playing free will only get you so much fun. Consider it a free trial, if you really enjoy the game you’ll be wanting to give them some money for the extra content.


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