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Price: Free to play, memberships available at $7.99 a month for extra stuff.
Client:  PC currently, iOS and Android to come at time of writing, I think.
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When I was a small person, I had quite the collection of Not Really LEGO blocks. Sort Of LEGO? LEGOesque. There were some genuine blocks and bits mixed in, but mostly it was off brand stuff. I don’t mean to imply this was a hardship or a sadness of my youth, I promise I’m completely over it.

I actually had a fair amount of fun in the game. You start with a pre-selected group of minifigures from a list of three groups, and then go out into the Lego Universe to find more through boss fights and presumably other ways. The setting is, quite frankly, awesome. Many of the backgrounds are made of piles of Lego boxes and the actual buildings, plants and other bits all look like stuff you could really build if you had the blocks. I found the movement/attack controls a little clunky, but that may have been due to lag rather than design flaw issues.

My one complaint is that if there’s a way to move the camera or zoom, I didn’t find it. I get that minifigures are small, but on my screen all the action took place in a tiny spot in the middle. While this does let you appreciate the backgrounds it can be annoying to not really be able to see what’s going on.

Still, it was good fun. If you’re into LEGO at all you should give it a burl. It’s in Open Beta at the moment, with a full launch planned for the second half of this year.  From what I can gather, if you plan to chat to other players you will need to sign up for a paid membership.

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