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I guess I just like liking things

Katy Perry is a huge, huge star. (Sorry, I needed one more totally obvious statement to complete the set and get an Achievement.) Pretty much everyone’s heard her or heard of her and has an opinion on her one way or another. Near as I can tell, she got really famous for her “I Kissed a Girl” song, but that’s not how I got to know her. Here’s the video that introduced me to Katy Perry:

I was on a huge Sims kick (and still am, I guess), and was buying add-on packs for The Sims 2 right and left when EA released this video to advertise the Apartment Life pack. I’m sure I’d heard Katy Perry before seeing this video, but the song in this video was super catchy and stuck in my brain. From there I got her album and on from there.

A few thoughts on this:

  • It’s strange what brings music to my attention. It’s more likely to be a movie, commercial, or game, it seems.
  • This wasn’t the first celebrity to show up in The Sims. If you threw a cool enough party, Sim Drew Carey would show up and talk to guests.
  • The Drew Carey Show also had a Sims section on an April Fools episode once that was pretty fun.
  • Learning the actual words to “Hot & Cold” did not improve my experience with this Katy Perry song.

What’s the strangest introduction to a song or artist that you’ve had?

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